QCSS Opens Charlotte's First K-5 SmartLab

QCSS Opens Charlotte's First K-5 SmartLab
Posted on 09/09/2021
Charlotte's First SmartLab

QCSS Elementary is the first school in Charlotte to have a SmartLab – a fully-integrated learning environment that will take the students to the next level of STEM learning.

The school officially unveiled its SmartLab Wednesday afternoon with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The lab was dedicated to QCSS Elementary's former principal April Aulmer.

"Thanks so much for asking me to attend the ribbon-cuttingAulmer at SmartLab Door ceremony and for the dedication," said Ms. Aulmer. "I am excited that all scholars will be able to experience hands-on STEM education."

Charlotte's first K-5 SmartLab brings workstations, materials, and technology that help broaden the scope of QCSS students' educational experience and give them a head start on the knowledge and skills they will need as they grow into adulthood.

"The QCSS SmartLab sets the standard for how and what we should be teaching children today. This community would benefit greatly if the Labs were offered to more young people," said Mecklenburg County District 3 County Commissioner Chairman George R. Dunlap at the ceremony.

"Our SmartLab will provide the students a learning environment that they don't get to do in an everyday class," said TMSA Public Charter Schools Superintendent Ben Karaduman. "It's making learning fun and interesting, and it all will come back and tie in with the curriculum they're learning in the classroom."