Warning: Vandalizing School Bathrooms for TikTok

Warning: Vandalizing School Bathrooms for TikTok
Posted on 09/21/2021
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Dear Parents of TMSA Public Charter Schools,

We are writing to inform you of a TikTok challenge that encourages students across the nation to steal school items or deface, vandalize, and destroy fixed assets in the school bathrooms such as urinals, toilet stalls, soap and towel dispensers, and sinks.

Unfortunately, some of our students are choosing to take part in this challenge.

We want to remind you that these types of violations are subject to disciplinary action. TMSA will not tolerate any disturbances that disrupt the learning environment. We will investigate every video, monitor, and use every social media footage to catch the students responsible and immediately ask for law enforcement intervention. The students involved will be suspended from school with a pending TMSA Board of Directors hearing for expulsion and possible arrest. Their parents will also be billed for damages and time to clean up the damage.

Please talk with your student immediately and help us stop this vandalism. We must be vigilant as parents and school leaders to help our vulnerable students recognize the dangers of these types of activities.

If your student would like to report any activity, please ask them to see any teacher or administrator at any time. They can also leave an anonymous tip via this form.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter,

TMSA Public Charter Schools